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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get set up?2022-02-10T13:28:54-05:00

This is determined by the headcount of your business, but is often completed within 3 business days.

What documents do I need to begin?2022-02-10T13:28:40-05:00
  • Federal EIN; (State and Local EIN, if applicable)
  • Reemployment Tax ID number
  • Business Banking information
  • Prior Quarterly Tax Reports
  • Year to Date Tax Reports
  • Employee Information
Can you connect my payroll reports to my accountant?2022-02-10T13:28:24-05:00

Yes! I can save you and your accountant time by providing a connection to your payroll reports.

Do I need to sign up for a minimum contract?2022-02-10T13:28:07-05:00

No! If you need to terminate your payroll account, I’ll walk you through the steps to close out.

Why not get my payroll directly from the payroll company?2022-02-10T13:27:52-05:00

You can.. and you’ll pay the retail price. Because of my relationship with the payroll company, I can obtain a discounted price for you. The best part is the client servicing that you’ll receive through me. You’ll have access to me to help answer any questions about your payroll account. No waiting on hold, just great client servicing- fast!

Is your platform different?2022-02-10T13:27:37-05:00

Not at all. I offer the same technology that you will get directly from the payroll company- but at a discounted price!

How do my tax filings get submitted?2022-02-10T13:26:34-05:00

Your tax filings are submitted electronically by the payroll company in a timely manner. Madeira Consultants does not create nor submit these filings.

How are my taxes paid?2022-02-10T13:26:11-05:00

Your taxes are collected and paid by the payroll company, who will submit them directly to the local, state or federal tax agency. Madeira Consultants does hold or take custody of any tax payment.

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